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The Tuvalu National Library and Archives was established in 1978 and operate as a department under the Ministry of Social Services. It then officially opens its services to the public on 1st September 1978. This came about as the call from the concern Government for setting up of an institution to ensure that our documentary heritages are safeguarded as evidence and for research purposes. Tuvalu needed a department to control and looked after Tuvalu Public Records that were deposited in the Western Pacific Archives. Also as a newly born nation Tuvalu needs a library to build the literacy level capacity of its people.

However, prior to its establishment the Government appointed Ms. Anita Wilson who is the wife of the Attorney General for Tuvalu at the time to work as an Archivist/Librarian. Ms. Anita Wilson work correspondently with the Ministry of Social Services in trying to setup the Tuvalu National Library and Archives. She also corresponded with the Western Pacific Archives and the Western Pacific High Commission to extract all Tuvalu Public Records that are kept in the Western Pacific Archives.

In July 1978 a shipment of creates were offloaded in the Funafuti wharf. These creates contains more than 200 boxes belonging to Tuvalu. It was later identify that these were Tuvalu Public Records that was kept in the Western Pacific Archives. However, these boxes were transfer to the Government building vault and under strict supervision by the Archivist/Librarian.

The Ministry of Social Services together with the Archivist/Librarian works tirelessly on a project proposal to get fund from donors to build a new building to accommodate this newly created department so-called Tuvalu National Library and Archives. The British Government was interested to fund this project, but the Government at the time has other plans. So the Government made an arrangement with the Red Cross Society to allow their twelve year old building to house the Tuvalu National Library and Archives Department. This arrangement turns out to become a permanent plan for the Tuvalu National Library and Archives as the department is still operating on that same old building until to date.

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